Why a Great Leaders Use Teams of Leaders

A Team of Leaders Success Profile Story

For you, the concept of having a team of leaders is new. But Irv Rothman disagrees.

Irv is currently the president and CEO of HP Financial Services. Not too long ago, he served as the president and CEO of Compaq Financial Services Corp. Before that, he was the group president of AT&T Capital Corp.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 12.55.47Today, he leads 1500 employees. Those employees are broken down into small, manageable teams.

Not Your ‘of the Month’ Club

Having teams is not some program of the month for Irv. It’s the way he does business.

He believes that people work best when they work within teams. When they manage themselves. When they think and act like they are owners.

Most of his teams are organized around customers, not territories. Within the teams, people have multiple responsibilities. They are cross trained so the team members are able to step up, perform leadership tasks, and help customers.

The teams make their own decisions based on how they will use their resources. How they will achieve their goals, and so on.

This has proven to be a winning formula in every organization that Irv has led.

Sounds crazy, no? Really, it’s not.

A Time to Turn Things Around

It all started in 1986. That’s when Irv first learned about teams of leaders. At the time, he was struggling to start AT&T Capital. Back then he quickly realized that the traditional way of doing business wasn’t producing the results he was seeking.

Irv soon met my partner Paul.

Paul explained to Irv the power of building a team of leaders. He assured him that this approach can help him turn things around.

The concept made sense to Irv then. Nearly 30 years later, he continues to use it. What’s more, he has the results to back him up.

A Winning Formula

Irv and many other enlightened leaders have learned that they can’t try to control their employees. They can’t expect them to be engaged and committed. Nor, in that scenario, can they expect them to deliver great customer service. It simply doesn’t work.

People need to feel they are part of something special. That they have the chance to make a difference. They need to have the ability to learn and grow.

Unfortunately, they rarely get the opportunity to achieve such accomplishments in a traditional work design.

Organizations who implement teams of leaders understand the best way to compete and win in the marketplace. It’s by unleashing the brainpower, creativity and energy of their employees. To let them drive positive results to the bottom line.

That is truly a winning formula.

Do you want to join Irv in his success at getting the most out of people?

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