A Team of Leaders

A Team of Leaders Book CoverWorkplace teams are supposed to harness employees’ talents to tackle challenges. But the reality often falls short..

Now imagine having a team where everyone steps up and performs all of the leadership tasks. Imagine a team that is constantly sharing knowledge and pushing the envelope–one that does long term planning and produces outstanding performance.

A Team of Leaders shows readers how to design systems that nurture the leadership potential of every employee–the key to creating high-performance teams. The book’s proven principles and techniques include: creating advantage through the Five Stage Team Development Model, the secrets of a great design – you get what you design for, utilizing great team processes, establishing a value creation model which connects team members with their contribution,  managing knowledge for a competitive advantage and leveraging visual management tools to reinforce the desired team culture and outcomes.

Filled with real-world examples, this fresh approach transforms passive groups of disparate people into effective teams of leaders–workplace teams that work!

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Praise for A Team of Leaders

“Tremendous! A Team of Leaders is a superb guide for all those who work in teams and who aspire to perform at the very highest levels. Simultaneously filled with deep insight and practical applications, this wonderful book delivers both the why and how in producing literal ‘teams of leaders’ at every level. Highly recommended!”
        — Stephen M. R. Covey, New York Times bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust: The Defining Skill That Transforms Managers into Leaders
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